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Your divorce case can be as simple and cheap or complicated and expensive as you feel you need to make it to get a result you are happy with.  If your spouse and you agree on all or most issues your divorce might get finalized for around $1,000.00.  If there are a lot of kids, a lot of assets, and a lot of contested issues that neither party will comprise on, you're in for an expensive pre-trial discovery and expensive bench trial where a judge will decide your fate.  The 'losing' party usually files for a modification action a few years later to try a second or third time.

Contract Review

When people get married their lives become one.  From that point forward all income and debt become part of the marital estate.  All assets purchased become part of the marital estate.  The purpose of a divorce is to end the marital estate.  To over simplify things, there are basically three main things a divorce decree does:  1) End the marriage; 2)  Equitably divide assets and debts, and 3) Create a parenting plan that explains how the children will be co-parented and who will pay (child support calculation). 

Every case is different.  If you are interested in a free consultation please submit the intake form below and someone will contact you to make an appointment. 

If you have minor children with your spouse and have no idea what to expect from a divorce in Nebraska, a good resource and place to start is to read this Nebraska Parenting Act Brochure.

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